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9 working truths the Phoenix brought us about eating

Out of the ashes of conventional diet wisdom brings these useful facts.

grass-fed meat and dairy, no grains - makes your diet more healthy.
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Not too surprising that conventional wisdom has had all of this wrong for a very long time.

A recent article I got from a Kit Pharo newsletter from his Pharo Cattle Company  in Colorado was entitled: Nine Biggest Lies about Dietary Fat.

Out of this, you can see the positive which have to be emphasized to get onto a natural diet.

 Top 9 Biggest Truths About Dietary Fat and Cholesterol

Despite media and government promotion, the American public has gotten sicker and sicker. Here's a roundup  from Authority Nutrition about some good advice to follow:

1. Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet:
There is no evidence that low-fat diets have any benefits. They do not cause weight loss in the long-term or reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Some studies show that they may even cause harm.

2. Eggs:
Eggs were demonized because of the high amount of cholesterol, but new studies show that they don’t raise cholesterol in the blood or contribute to heart disease. Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet.

3. Total and LDL Cholesterol Levels:
Total and LDL cholesterol levels are actually quite poor markers of heart disease risk. Many people are being unnecessarily medicated because doctors tend to focus on these numbers.

4. Processed Oils:
Processed seed- and vegetable oils are very unhealthy, loaded with Omega-6 fatty acids and trans fats that can contribute to disease.

5. Saturated Fat:
Despite decades of anti-fat propaganda, saturated fat has never been proven to cause heart disease. In fact, saturated fat improves some of the most important risk factors for heart disease.

6. Saturated Fats and Trans Fats:
Trans fats resemble saturated fat in consistency and shelf life, but the chemical composition is still very different. While saturated fats are harmless, trans fats are highly toxic and should be avoided.

7. High-Fat Diets:
Despite fat having more calories per gram than carbs or protein, studies show that high-fat (and low-carb) diets actually lead to more weight loss than low-fat diets.

8. Margarine Vs. Butter:
Margarine is an unhealthy fake food produced in factories, usually containing trans fats and processed vegetable oils. Butter is a much healthier choice, especially if it comes from grass-fed cows.

9. Processed Low-Fat Foods:
If a food has “low fat” or “diet” on the label, then you will probably find sugar, corn syrup and various artificial chemicals on the ingredients list, which are seriously harmful.

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What this means for your own life:

  • Source your food locally, from farmers you can trust.
  • Eat grass fed and pastured meats and dairy products. Not pasteurized, but from sources you can trust.
  • Go Paleo and remove grain products from your diet. (Best way to lose weight, IMHO.)
  • Toss out processed foods wholesale. Cook your own, visit with friends at their house instead of eating out (unless they truly prepare "home-cooked" meals.)
What you will probably find is that you are healthier, more energetic, stronger, more alert, and quickly get down to your natural body weight - which is on the slim side.

Have fun with this...

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